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We like to keep our young appearance. After the age of 30, our bodies begin to age. No matter how old we are, we like our young looks always the same. Maintaining a healthy body and maintaining a youthful appearance is a challenge for you to become older. Nowadays, many people are spending thousands on various cosmetics and materials to maintain this youthful appearance. But we all know that we don't get results the way we spend. Also, due to such methods, allergies to the body, as well as the occurrence of various diseases, are often observed.

So, today's article will tell you how to maintain our youthful appearance for a long time in a healthy and natural way for the body without spending too much money.

1. Make an attitude change.
Learn to love yourself first. With being 30 years old and having children after marriage, many women feel that they have aged. They also forget about their own health and beauty routine before marriage. They point to the increasing busyness of life as the reason for this. Here's to change this attitude. Take time to think about yourself. Your preferred appearance changes a lot of things. First of all, think of the optimistic attitude that you want to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance even in old age. If it is necessary to maintain a youthful appearance in old age, the effort should begin at a young age.

2. Engage in exercises.
The first of the necessary measures to preserve youth is to maintain health. Dietary control and exercise are also important in maintaining health. You don't have to go to the gym to exercise. Walking and running is a simple exercise that anyone can easily do. Make it easy for you to run or walk during the day. As well as swimming and cycling are simple exercises that you can get. This allows you to maintain heart health as well as remove unnecessary fat from the body. In addition, by engaging in yoga exercises, you get the ability to keep the body flexible and prevent muscle sagging. Yoga exercises are very good for the body as well as for the healthy mind.

Do a blood test every six months. Be aware of blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels.

Visit your dentist to maintain oral health once every three months.

Visit your doctor once every six months to become aware of the hormonal changes and vitamin and mineral deficiencies that occur in the body as you age and get the necessary treatment.

3. Improve the mental state.
We have in the first case an inverse relationship between the verbal attitudinal difference and this state of mind. You have to be optimistic about yourself. Leaving the backward thought that I can't and staying positive is a great way to preserve your youth. Engage in activities that can keep the mind active and awake, such as reading the book as a mental exercise, filling out puzzles.

4. Keep your youthful appearance.
To maintain a youthful appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to the external image. For this, you can use a few small beauty treatments that you can do at home.I will tell you about the right natural beauty care methods in the next article. Be sure to use a moisturizer cream to prevent skin dryness. If your skin is constantly exposed to the sun, your passes will age very quickly. Therefore, if you spend more time in the sun, be sure to use creams with SPF (Sun Protection Invoices). Be careful about your hair. A plump bundle of hair looks more youthful. Therefore, take care of the growth of the head hair well.

Did you know that almond oil reduces wrinkles on your skin? Almond nuts, almond milk, and almond oil are used in a variety of ways, but the properties of almonds do not diminish. Almonds have not only vitamin E, copper, magnesium, protein, health-promoting fatty acids, but also bioactive molecules and antioxidant properties. The natural vitamin E contained in almonds is able to increase the efficiency of the collagen molecules that bind between your skin cells. With proper vitamin E intake, the likelihood of skin wrinkles, streaks and blemishes is minimized. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant.


It is best to mix a few drops of jojoba oil into the almond oil and apply it to the hair and skin and massage. If you want to maintain youth, you should definitely get about 7 hours of healthy sleep at night. Age is more about how others feel about you than a goal. For this reason, even if you get older, always have a perfume with a fragrance that young people like and match. Then the smell of youth emanating from you makes you look younger in others.

Age: Every woman over 28 should definitely use an Eye Cream. Blackening under the eyes and wrinkles will double your age. Inappropriately squinting eyes can cause eye wrinkling.

It has been found that people who smile frequently have fewer wrinkles on their skin. This leads to a decrease in the production of hormones that are harmful to her due to a decrease in their stress. You can also read funny stories and watch dramas. To preserve youth, it is imperative to drink 2 ½ liters of water. Get used to drinking water frequently over the same period of time without drinking a lot of water at the same time. As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of water first. Think of drinking water in the morning as an action akin to watering a dried plant without water for hours. Only by drinking water properly, you can preserve your youth.

Many people are accustomed to buying clothes according to age when buying clothes. But to preserve youth, remember that the way you dress must be young. To keep every cell of the pancreas in good health, you should always get a balanced diet. It is necessary to be especially careful with breakfast. One of the main factors that affects health and appearance is food intake. There are food drinks you need to get to look young and stay healthy. Below are the types of foods that are most suitable for the aging body and its quality.

* Avocado
One of the best and easiest ways to naturally get the vitamin E needed for the skin and scalp is to include elephant knuckle in your daily diet.

* Papaya
It has the ability to increase the antioxidant function of the body. It can make you look your age.

* Cucumber
By eating cucumbers, you can protect your skin's moisture.

* Beet Root
It contains magnesium, zinc, iron and calcium, so it has the ability to slow down aging.

* Malabar Spinach
Spinach is a food rich in iron, as well as vitamins A, B, C, D and K necessary for the strength of the skin and bones. Spinach contains an antioxidant that lacks lutein. This also reduces skin wrinkles. Vitamins C and K are needed to reduce blackening under the eyes.

* Lime or Lemon Water
Drinking a glass of water with lime or lemon juice in the morning can help balance the body's pH.

* Types of fish that contain omega 3
Add more fish that contain omega-3 fat, such as salmon and tuna, to your diet.

* Tomatoes
Since tomatoes contain beta-carotene, it helps to alleviate to some extent the damage to the skin from the UV rays contained in the sun's rays. The compound Lycopene in these, which helps a lot to preserve the youthfulness of the skin, reduces skin wrinkling as it contains skin-friendly Anti Oxygen.

* Olive Oil
Olive oil containing vitamin E is best tolerated to maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

* Sweet Potato
Baths containing beta-carotene and vitamin A are ideal for maintaining the healthy appearance of the skin.

Although these foods tend to keep you looking young, make sure you don't use inappropriate foods because your health problems are different.

* Pomegranate
It contains the essential Pomanox compound for the skin.

* Natural Honey
Applying honey to the skin will give the skin a new look. Apply honey to your neck, hands and face once a day and wash it off for 20 minutes. Creams are much more effective than ointments.

* Sea Oysters
Sea oysters are rich in vitamin B12 and ions. Reduces discoloration of the skin and especially the blackening under the eyes.

5. Social Life
Sociability and activity will greatly help to preserve your youth. Engaging with people who have a similar interest in a hobby you like, getting a membership in a sports club, getting a library membership without having to look at a newspaper alone at home, associating with other people who have an optimistic attitude You will have a place to protect your youth.

A person who walks as a daily exercise can make friends with a group of people who come for a walk at that time. The urge to isolate with aging affects you to age sooner rather than later. Engaging in friendly conversations is a great way to maintain your mental health. Check out some of the basics I've outlined above. You will feel the difference for yourself. You can protect your health. It doesn't cost a lot of money. Try it.

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